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AWAKE: Rise To Your Divine Assignment

Have you ever wondered why you were put on this earth or asked God what His plan is for your life? If so, you are not alone. You have a specific destiny that only you can fulfill. The question is… Are you AWAKE and walking in that Divine Assignment?

This book covers topics such as: 
   •  Understanding your unique God-given purpose  
   •  Knowing who you are in Christ
   •  Hearing God’s voice 
   •  Using your gifts to glory God
   •  Trusting God’s timing 
   •  Keeping your Joy  
   •  And so much more!  

Maybe you’ve experienced trials in your life and have opted to give up on God and His plan. If that’s you… don’t give up! In a season where so many people are searching, this resource will help awaken and encourage you to rise up and fulfill your unique God-given assignment.

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I’ve created an Awake Study Guide and a VIDEO Masterclass with lessons that expound upon topics from the Awake book. 

In this bundle option you’ll receive INSTANT access to online videos that Sarah personally recorded from lessons in the AWAKE book.

Each video is designed to take you on a journey and encourage you in your purpose and calling.

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  • Digital e-Book: Awake
  • ​AWAKE Study Guide: Digital Access
  • ​Masterclass: Instant Access to Online Courses
  • ​​Special Bonus: Access to Bonus Resources


Awake is a message for the Body of Christ. God wants us to awaken out of our slumber to our purpose and mission on this earth! People are waiting for the Church to live life fully awake. Sarah is a prophetic voice to this generation and lives the message of this book daily! She is a great inspiration to us all.

Christine Caine

God is truly awakening his daughters by whatever means it takes. Sarah has taken her dream and translated it into an urgent plea for all of us to rise up to our destiny. Read her words, and be empowered.

Lisa Bevere

When God gives us a dream, it is so that we may awaken sleeping potential and hibernating hope in our lives and in the lives of those around us. Sarah has written a book that will encourage you not just to dream but also to do. She has modeled so beautifully in her own journey a commitment to awaken to the needs of those near and far, allowing God to disturb her so she can awaken others. I am honored to call Sarah friend, and I know her story will inspire you to awaken to your own.”

Charlotte Gambill

Awake is a breath of fresh air to the Body of Christ! I so enjoyed reading the book and seeing Sarah’s heart pour through the pages. Each chapter clearly articulates a new way you can be awakened to the things of God and live a life that is kingdom-driven and meaningful to those around you. The chapter on hearing God’s voice and trusting the Holy Spirit will bless you and take your intimacy with God to a new level. This book blessed me, and I believe it will do the same to all who read it.

Dr. Wendy Treat

In a world searching for meaning on dead-end streets, Sarah Wehrli awakens the desire in every human heart to soar! Her poignant stories and simple but powerful truths challenge us to let go of fear and live the life of our dreams—full of God and full of purpose!

Lynette Lewis

If you have wondered why you are here on earth at this time, this book will help you see why. No matter what has happened in your life, you are valuable to and needed by God. There are people you do not even know who will be touched by your life when you awaken to God’s calling and realize that He can do anything through a yielded heart. Each chapter of Sarah’s book will inspire and motivate you to believe and obey God.”

Sharon Daugherty